Winter is the season when you have to be more careful than ever while picking your fabrics. You want your fabric to be thick and heavy, but not so much that it makes you uncomfortable.

So here we bring the Top 7 Winter Fabrics which will keep you warm without killing your style.




Cashmere is one of the best winter fabrics one can find all over the world. It is believed that cashmere is three times more insulating than ordinary wool. A single fiber of Cashmere is one-third of human hair, making it incredibly soft and comfortable.

Cashmere can be used for making a lot of different clothes and accessories. You can make sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves and most famous of all overcoats. Unlike wool, you don’t have to wash cashmere a lot of times in a season.

The only drawback is that it’s really expensive. But we believe if you are getting high-quality Cashmere, then paying a premium price is worth it.




Tweed is a woolen fabric, with a soft texture. Tweed is known for its durability and moisture-resistant qualities. Tweed was traditionally worn in Scotland, Ireland and England, but now it’s famous all over the globe.

Tweed keeps a person warm along with making him/her look stylish. Because of its durable nature, tweed was worn while going for hunting or any other kind of rough activity.

Tweed is popular for making jackets, coats, blazers and a lot of other clothes and accessories.

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Velvet is an elegant fabric that gives a luxurious look. It’s a soft and smooth fabric that can be made from silk, wool, linen and a lot of other fabrics.

Velvet will keep you warm along with maintaining your style. It’s necessary to keep in mind that you should not wear a thin layer of velvet during winter.

It’s best to use velvet for some accessories, or you may even wear it under some coat and it will keep you warm.

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Just like Cashmere, Pashmina is also one of the best fabrics around the globe. Pashmina is an incredibly soft and smooth fabric which can be used for making a variety of clothes and accessories.

Pashmina will keep you warm and you won’t even feel its weight. When it comes to winter fabrics, pashmina is very popular. The only difference between Pashmina and Cashmere is the thickness of their fibers.

Pashmina can be used for making suit, saree, kurta and a lot of other traditional as well as non-traditional clothes and accessories.

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This may come as surprise for you, but silk can be also used as a winter fabric. Silk is a very fashionable and elegant fabric. Silk keeps you cool in summer and preserves your body heat during winter.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fabrics, so it’s really durable also. It’s always good to pay a premium price for some good quality silk. You can wear it along with any kind of warm clothes.

Silk can be used for making almost anything, from western wear to traditional clothes, you can make anything out of silk.

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Knitted Warm

knitted warm

Knitted warm fabric is known to be even more comfortable and warmer than woven fabric. Due to knitting it’s more elastic than other fabrics. It’s a very popular winter fabric and it can be used for making a lot different kinds of clothes and accessories. Knitted fabrics are better at resisting wrinkles when compared to woven fabrics.

Knitted warm fabric can be used for making sweaters, lowers and a lot of other clothes as well as accessories.

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Cotswool is made by spinning cotton and wool together to form a mixed yarn. The combination of these two fabrics makes it warm as well as comfortable to wear. It is majorly used for pre/post winter season, when the temperature is low, but not so much that you have to wear some heavy winter outfit.

Cotswool can be used for making a lot of clothes and accessories, like shirt, Nehru jacket, kurti and the list goes on.

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